I’ve been making and baking with chai for a while now. Surprisingly, chai is very easy to make from scratch. It can also be as expensive (or inexpensive) as you want to make it. But, more than anything, it’s incredibly rewarding to do from start to finish. The enjoyment of crushing and infusing the ingredients, the visually stimulating beauty of the spices and the exhilarating aroma literally makes blending and cooking with chai a rewarding experience.   

Some facts about CHAI

Chai is more than the packet variety you see on the supermarket shelfs chai is a traditional process steeped in both history and culture. Chai is an experience as much as it is a beverage.

Traditional chai’s is referred to in India as Masala chai which means SPICE and references the taste that is unique.

Masala chai has been the daily drink of choice in India for centuries its been a ritual process.

The spices in CHAI have many health benefits;

Ginger: Is great for digestion, super anti-inflammatory effects, immunity-boosting compounds, and potential alleviation of headaches and cramps.

Cardamom: Used for digestive problems, mouth infections, and respiratory tract problems; an excellent source of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, iron, magnesium, and manganese.

Cinnamon: Helps regulate blood sugar, taken regular aids with colds and unpleasant breath may reduce the risk of colon cancer, eases digestive problems and the list goes on.

Clove: Like cinnamon, clove may aid with blood sugar regulation, it is also great for tooth pain, coughs and colds, and digestive problems.


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